STEM Enrichment and Enhancement

What is STEM E&E?

E&E Activities

An enrichment and enhancement STEM activity is a way of offering schools the opportunity to deliver exciting and inspiring activities to the classroom. Areas that E&E activities could assist with include

  • challenges and competitions
  • careers fair support and materials
  • in-class and extracurricular activities
  • projects and collapsed curriculum days
  • visits to school or out of school

Examples of E&E activities range from ethics and bioethics debates through to hands-on engineering activities. Activities we may advise of are listed in the STEM Directories as well as other regional and local provision - follow the link to the STEM Directories website for more information.

However, there are lots of opportunities out there so we can help trawl through - use exploreSTEM to help you ensure you can offer your students appropriate STEM E&E schemes and programmes which support the curriculum and increase the quality and quantity of students moving into further STEM education, training, and employment.

In order to ensure that each E&E activity will be effective, activities are montiored to ensure that they they fulfil our criteria:

  • They must make a difference to learning - seeking changes in motivation, attitudes and enthusiasm which can impact on teaching and learning in lessons;
  • They must fit into the school's curriculum design and delivery methods;
  • It should improve teachers' understanding of STEM education and the benefits they will gain by engaging with a STEM activity;
  • There must be access to resources from industry that will make a difference in the classroom.
  Contact us to discuss what activities will work best in your school.