STEM Clubs

Why should I run a STEM club?

After school STEM Clubs aim to get young people more involved with the fun elements of science and engineering activities through experiments and investigation. They open students' minds to the excitement that scientific knowledge can bring and the career opportunities STEM subjects can offer.

They can be a great way to motivate students who are not performing well in STEM subjects, or can offer students showing promising aptitude an opportunity to explore subjects further.

Clubs should provide a fun learning environment full of experiments, investigation and discussion. They aim to break away from the constraints of the everyday school curriculum and bring in external resources which can bring dynamic elements from real-life STEM work environments.

A unique feature of the clubs is that they benefit from joint leadership and input from across mathematics, science, and design and technology departments. Clubs also encourage collaboration between schools, as well as between schools and industry. Visit the STEM Clubs website or contact us to find out more about STEM clubs, and for ideas on how to set up your own.