Schools and Colleges

What's on offer for schools and colleges?

By working with local experts, we can provide tailored advice and assistance quickly and easily to schools and colleges across Essex.

We do this in a number of ways; suggesting and helping the delivery of enrichment and enhancement activities (E&E activities) and by providing STEM Ambassadors; STEM-skilled, DBS-checked professionals offering their support to you for free.  We can also help you develop and provide after-school STEM clubs.

 E&E Activities
An enrichment and enhancement STEM activity is a way of offering schools the opportunity to deliver exciting and inspiring activities to your students. Examples of enrichment and enhancement activities range from in-class hands-on workshops through to interviewing someone in industry as part of supporting an applied qualification.

More details of what STEM E&E is can be found by following the link.

STEM Ambassadors

Ambassadors are an invaluable and free resource for teachers and schools.  They offer their time voluntarily to enthuse and inspire students within schools about STEM subjects.  They can do this through a variety of activities such as clubs, careers talks, helping with school events, lessons and competitions, and much more.

Our job is to make sure there is a plentiful supply of ambassadors throughout Essex and then help you to decide how best to use them in the most effective way. For further information about STEM Ambassadors please follow the link.

STEM Clubs

STEM clubs allow children to explore, investigate and discover STEM subjects in a stimulating learning environment, away from the constraints of the school timetable or a prescribed curriculum. They allow pupils and their club leaders to work together and explore many different ideas and activities.More information can be found here.

Contact us to find out more about STEM clubs, and ideas on how to set up your own.