Supporting STEM subjects in schools and colleges

 explore STEM manages the Schools STEM Advisory Network and STEM Ambassadors Programme across Essex, Southend and Thurrock.

We will keep schools in this area informed about high-quality activities they can access to enrich and enhance the STEM curriculum and enable them to use a range of STEM Ambassadors so that teachers can incorporate into their teaching exemplary links to the world of work.The current contract runs until March 2015.

STEMNET's vision is to increase young people's choices and chances through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.We support this by

  • Offering advice and guidance to teachers on schemes available to them
  • Managing the STEM Ambassadors programme to ensure there is a pool of volunteers from industry able to support STEM subjects
  • Facilitating links with contacts or organisations best suited to meeting teachers' specific needs 

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As coordinators of the STEM Ambassadors' programme across Essex, Southend and Thurrock we also:

  • Identify professionals with STEM skills to become STEM Ambassadors
  • Link STEM Ambassadors with local schools and colleges to act as role models and help inspire and engage young people about the value of STEM in their daily lives
  • Help local STEM employers engage with schools and colleges in their communities.

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We also manage the British Science Association CREST Awards programme for Essex. 

Give us some feedback!

If you are a teacher who has recently had a STEM Ambassador visit your school or work with you on an activity, please complete the form found here to let us know how we're doing.

Teacher Feedback Form

If you are a STEM Ambassador who has recently visited a school or supported a teacher,  please leave us some feedback about your experience.

STEM Ambassador Feedback Form

Thanks everyone. Your feedback is critical to ensuring we provide a good service  and to help us secure future funding.


Registering as a STEM Ambassador

To register as a STEM Ambassador, all the weblinks you need are below. Once you have registered we will be in touch shortly to arrange an induction training session and CRB check.

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